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Military Power Supplies

Three-Phase AC-DC Converters and Active Power Factor Correction Electronic three-phase AC-DC converters with active power factor conversion for the conversion of 115VAC aircraft naval and 208VAC ground power to 365VDC nominal The all-electric alternative to our TRUs and ATRUs our three-phase APFC solutions provide higher packing density and


The XTDRDC-1000 Series DC-DC Converters are a 1U high power 1000 watt DC-DC Converter Standard features include 125 VDC Wide Input Range and Forced Current Share for Parallel Redundant operation These DC-DC Converters are available as a stand alone "COTS" units and are also available in a hot swap versions as well Most models in stock for immediate delivery Please

DC DC Converter Models

DC-DC converters are power supplies that convert one DC voltage to another DC voltage They can be step up converters or step down converters A step-up converter provides an output voltage higher than the input voltage while a step-down converter provides an output voltage lower than the input voltage DC‑DC converters regulate the output voltage using a complex high frequency switching

Frequency Converters

Frequency Converters also called a Frequency Changers convert 50hz and 60hz to 400 Hz power This is done either by means of a double conversion Static Frequency Converter or by using a motor generator set called a Rotary Frequency Converter Frequency converters are machines that convert power from one frequency to another frequency

High Voltage DC/DC Converters

High Voltage DC/DC Converters Helios Is The Exclusive Authorised Engineering Company To Supply XP POWER Products In New Zealand We offer a broad range of component high voltage power supplies with output voltages from 100 V to 10 kV in both proportional and regulated topologies for use as stand-alone modules or integration into application specific assemblies These standard modules

DIN rail power supplies

DIN rail power supplies have become the standard for a reliable and efficient power supply They are an integral part of numerous application areas – such as mechanical engineering industrial automation logistics automotive industry wind power process industry and many more

Medical Grade DC

Medical Grade DC-DC Converters Rated for CF Patient Contact and Defibrillation Proof The CFQor series of Quarter-Brick DC-DC converters are high efficiency converters designed for those medical applications that require isolation and leakage current levels complying with

RECOM IoT Power Supply Converters

RECOM's 3 5 W AC/DC converters are able to accept input voltages from 85 V AC up to 277 V AC The RAC3 5-K/277 is yet another addition to RECOM's cost-effective high-quality and compact RAC series This 3 5 W power supply series was developed with enhanced performance capabilities suitable for industrial applications

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Inverters Converters Other Power Supplies Nearest Quality Alphabetical Newest Featured companies Taizhou Kenmai Welding Equipment Co ltd Info Web Phone No 406 Donghuan Dadao Road Taizhou Zhejiang Taizhou Zhejiang 318000 ACDC Adapters Inverters Converters Corner Guards Land Real Estate 1 Taizhou Wansheng Electronic Co Ltd Info Web Phone Jiepai Industrial Park

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We design and produce Power supplies Converters Inverters and Rails Switchgears Multi-phase Choppers and Battery charger About Us Products Quality Engineering Contact Us UNIO Power electronics We deliver innovations Products UNIO POWER ELECTRONICS realizes and offers: Electrical traction Our DC switchgears for electrical traction are projected and realized in conformity to


The MPQ4423 is a high-frequency synchronous rectified step-down switch-mode converter with built-in power MOSFETs It offers a very compact solution to achieve a 3A continuous output current with excellent load and line regulation over a wide input su Toggle Nav Menu Products New Products Power Modules Configurable Step-Down Step-Down Step-Up PoE USB DC-DC Power Converters

Quality Power Supplies and Converters

XP Power is committed to being a leading provider of power solutions including AC-DC power supplies and DC-DC converters high voltage power supplies and RF power supplies XP offers total quality from in-house design in Asia Europe and North America through to manufacturing facilities around the world

AC Power Supply Frequency Converter

Behlman manufactures a broad line of AC Power supplies and Frequency converters with available power from 1 000 VA to 120 000 VA in both single-phase and three-phase output Available with variable or fixed voltage and frequency output manual or programmable control with a variety of interfaces unique protection circuitry and the ability to modify units for your application

Medical Power Supply

In order to meet the above requirements in particular in regards to insulation and leakage currents a combination of high-quality medical-grade AC/DC power supplies and DC/DC converters is often the most efficient solution This approach makes it easier to meet the stringent requirements of double patient protection (2 x MOPP)

Auxiliary Power Supply

Power ratings can vary from a few to a few tens of watts for these auxiliary supplies which can be either isolated or non-isolated To ensure good performance engineers must choose a power topology – including fly-back or quasi-resonant – that best meets the efficiency size safety and cost requirements

Power Supplies Converters and Power Systems

Power supplies Power Converters and Power Systems Important reference point for the design manufacturing sale of electronic and electro-medical equipment since 1995 CONTACT US The electronic ballasts for lighting follow specific design rules and respond to specific and rigorous standards of quality and safety Ennebi Elettronica has worked

DC to DC Converters

DC DC Converters and Power Supplies Digital power supplies are becoming more common as developers look for ways to simplify their power-supply design increase overall efficiency easily make modifications and meet power-quality standards and regulatory requirements


Superior Power Supply Solutions Tri-Mag LLC is a leading manufacturer and supplier of power supplies EMI/RFI filters and DC-DC converters As a subsidiary of Curtis Industries Tri-Mag maintains a strong reputation for providing the highest quality power supplies and power conversion components From standard products to custom designs Tri-Mag offers a full range of power

BrightLoop Converters

DESIGN AND MANUFACTURING OF POWER ELECTRONICS SYSTEMS Industrial Electric mobility BrightLoop Converters designs and manufactures converters adapted to the constraints of electric or hybrid vehicles: Stationary and on-board chargers DC / DC converters AC / DC inverters Laser diode driver for LiDAR IT / Telecom / Security BrightLoop Converters has many references in the field of

Power Supplies

Power Supplies - Signal Converters-Transmitters Signal Conditioners Network I/O Categories Ethernet I/O Modules (53) Modbus-RTU I/O Modules (22) Profibus-DP I/O Modules (14) Signal Converters Transmitters (80) Temperature Transmitters (41) 4-20 mA Signal Isolators (24) 4-20mA Signal Splitters (27) Wireless I/O (2) USB Isolator (1) Math Computation Modules (9) Limit Alarms (34)

AC / DC Converters

90-220W low cost Level VI external power supplies TSR2 series 2 Watt SMD DC/DC converter TEL 10WI Series TEQ 200WIR Series of DC DC Converters 15 40W Ultra wide input DC-DC Converters Isolated 2W Single Output SM DC-DC Converters 500/1000 W DC-DC Converters Ultra compact 10 Watt AC/DC power modules for industrial and applications | TMPS 10 Series TEC 2/3


Maximize the availability of your systems with high-quality power supplies featuring leading technology – optimized for superior functionality and performance DC/DC converters DC/DC converters alter the voltage level regenerate the voltage at the end of long cables or enable the creation of independent supply systems Redundancy modules Decoupling monitoring and controlling redundancy

Industrial Power Supplies

SynQor's ruggedized AC-DC DC-DC converters and filters are designed for a wide range of industrial applications including those required to withstand harsh environments: railway and transportation systems industrial motion control information displays factory automation and power generation systems SynQor converters feature a two-stage power topology with synchronous-rectification that

Audio Myth

The power supplies in high power devices such as audio power amplifiers can emit very strong magnetic fields These strong fields tend to limit the noise performance (SNR) of power amplifiers These magnetic fields can also cause interference with audio products that happen to be too near the amplifier Audio cables that enter exit or pass near the amplifier may also pick up unwanted hum

Innovation Dedication Quality

Innovation Dedication Quality DC-DC Converters • AC/ DC Converters • CRT Corrections Devices • Isolation Amplifiers Function Modules • Custom Power Supplies • Analog Devices • Legacy Products com I n n o v a t i o n • D e d i c a t i o n • Q u a l i t y S ometimes you need a little bit more than just the ordinary off-the-shelf

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