radiation therapy during the coronavirus disease 2020

Radiation Therapy Care During a Major Outbreak of COVID

The epidemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) challenges the prevention and protection of the cancer patients and the staff in the department of radiation oncology Methods At the Hubei Cancer Hospital we organized an emergency infection control team to lead special efforts to combat COVID-19 during this challenging time

JRCERT CoronaVirus Response

The JRCERT has had multiple inquiries about the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Many programs are struggling to determine how to respond to the Coronavirus outbreak as it could possibly affect program operations The JRCERT encourages programs to develop a contingency plan that will assure the safety of program faculty patients and students The contingency plan should not only

Accepted COVID

Follow-Up and Management of Head and Neck Cancer Patients During the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Disease Pandemic Chua et al Accepted to Advances in Radiation Oncology on April 14 2020 Guidelines to Reduce Hospitalization Rates for Patients Receiving Curative-Intent Radiation Therapy During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Report from a Multicenter New York Area Institution Chen

Cancer Clinical Research During the COVID

April 3 Webcast with ACCC President Randall A Oyer MD Rockville MD— The COVID-19 pandemic is casting its shadow on the clinical trials landscape COVID-19 poses significant challenges for oncology clinical trials These research studies are critical to improving cancer care and for patients with advanced disease clinical trials are often the standard of care

Patient Safety

Radiation Dose in X-Ray and CT Exams Pediatric Sedation Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Safety MRI Safety During Pregnancy Fetal and Gonadal Shielding Contrast Materials Computer Tomography (CT) Safety During Pregnancy Children and Radiation Safety Anesthesia Safety Topics in Radiation Therapy Safety Gamma Knife safety Linear

Personal Experiences With Coronavirus Disease 2019 and

teledermatology tool during coronavirus disease (COVID-19): from bedside to phone-side [published online ahead of print April 3 2020] Clin Exp Dermatol doi: 10 1111/ced 14227 7 Partl R Jonko B Schnidar S etal 128 SHADES OF RED: objective remote assessment of radiation dermatitis by aug-mented digital skin imaging Stud Health Technol

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x Radiation therapy is recommended in more than two-thirds of head and neck squamous cell carcinomas (HNSCC) Recent publications have demonstrated the importance of the quality of the radiation therapy offered to HNSCC patients [1–4] In a randomized clinical trial Peters et al first demonstrated that HNSCC patients with noncompliant treatment plans could significantly suffer from

Radiation Therapy

Image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) – repeated CT MRI or PET scans are performed during treatment to increase target accuracy and spare normal tissue Computers process the scans to identify tumor size and location changes so the patient's position or radiation dose can be adjusted during treatment in areas prone to movement including the lungs liver prostate breast and tumors near

How to care for your skin during and after radiation

Radiation therapy plays an important role in treating cancer Like medications radiation therapy can also cause possible side effects Some of these side effects occur on the skin but the right skin care during radiation therapy can: Reduce side effects on your skin Help your skin feel more comfortable during treatment

A Practical Approach to the Management of Cancer

Dominic Fong Simon Rauch Christian Petter Eva Haspinger Monika Alber Manfred Mitterer Infection rate and clinical management of cancer patients during the COVID-19 pandemic: experience from a tertiary care hospital in northern Italy ESMO Open 10 1136/esmoopen-2020-000810 5 3 (e000810) (2020)

Coronavirus: what cancer patients need to know

Coronavirus: what cancer patients need to know Advice for cancer patients survivors and caregivers on who's most at risk for COVID-19 and what you can do to stay healthy March 6 2020 • By Diane Mapes / Fred Hutch News Service People in active treatment such as this patient being prepped for chemotherapy or those who are immunocompromised due to past treatment face a greater risk

Radiation therapy during the coronavirus disease 2019

Radiation therapy during the coronavirus disease 2019 (covid-19) pandemic in Italy: a view of the nation's young oncologists ESMO Open clinical decision-2020 5:e000779 doi:10 1136/ esmoopen-2020-000779 Received 31 March 2020 Accepted 1 April 2020 For numbered affiliations see end of article Correspondence to Professor Icro Meattini

Breathe in through your nose exhale from your mouth

Breathe in through your nose exhale from your mouth — That's the right way to breathe during the Coronavirus pandemic Breathing in through the nose delivers nitric oxide directly into the lungs which fight COVID-19 by blocking the replication of the virus in the lungs

Side Effects of Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy treats many types of cancer effectively But like other treatments it often causes side effects These are different for each person They depend on the type of cancer its location the radiation therapy dose and your general health Why does radiation therapy cause side effects?High doses of radiation therapy are used to destroy cancer cells

Missed Radiation Therapy and Cancer Recurrence

Patients who miss radiation therapy sessions during cancer treatment have an increased risk of their disease returning even if they eventually complete their course of radiation treatment according to a new study The magnitude of the effect was higher than the researchers anticipated which they believe suggests that noncompliance with radiation therapy may be an indicator for other risk

Clinical guide for the management of cancer patients

Clinical guide for the management of cancer patients during the coronavirus pandemic 17 March 2020 Version 1 "and there are no more surgeons urologists orthopaedists we are only doctors who suddenly become part of a single team to face this tsunami that has overwhelmed us" Dr Daniele Macchine Bergamo Italy 9 March 2020 As doctors we all have general responsibilities in relation

Enzalutamide and Hormone Therapy Before During and

Enzalutamide and Hormone Therapy Before During and After Radiation for High Risk Localized Prostate Cancer The safety and scientific validity of this study is the responsibility of the study sponsor and investigators Listing a study does not mean it has been evaluated by the U S Federal Government Read our disclaimer for details ClinicalTrials gov Identifier: NCT02064582: Recruitment

Assessing the System for High

Assessing the System for High-Intensity Evaluation During Radiotherapy During Changes in Response to COVID-19 (CORONA-SHIELD) The safety and scientific validity of this study is the responsibility of the study sponsor and investigators Listing a study does not mean it has been evaluated by the U S Federal Government Read our disclaimer for details ClinicalTrials gov Identifier:

Findings of lung ultrasonography of novel corona virus

Findings of lung ultrasonography of novel corona virus pneumonia during the 2019–2020 epidemic Qian-Yi Peng 1 Xiao-Ting Wang 2 Li-Na Zhang 1 Chinese Critical Care Ultrasound Study Group (CCUSG) Intensive Care Medicine (2020)Cite this article 36k Accesses 464 Altmetric Metrics details Dear Editor Up to 24 February 2020 there have been 77 269 officially reported confirmed cases of


To serve the community of our readers worldwide Radiotherapy Oncology in-line with many other medical journals has now established a rapid communication track for reports on COVID-19 in the context of radiotherapy These articles are compiled in this freely accessible online issue entitled "COVID 19 Rapid Communications"


During therapy the complications of this disease are also more During radiotherapy breast cancer patients have to visit the hospital on a daily basis and they should TongWei all necessary precautions to prevent the infection Anushree Gupta: How does coronavirus infection interfere or


COVID-19: Position Statements and Guidance College Position Statements Re-introduction of Interventional Radiology and Interventional Neuroradiology services during COVID-19 Updated 18 May 2020 Published 30 March 2020 This revised statement is designed to support hospitals and health service organisations with re-introduction of essential non-emergency Interventional Radiology (IR)

The future hope of flash radiation cancer therapy

The goal of cancer therapy is to destroy the cancer cells while minimizing side effects and damage to the rest of the body Common types of treatment include surgery chemotherapy targeted therapy and radiation therapy Often combined with surgery or drugs radiation therapy uses high-energy X-rays to harm the DNA and other critical processes of the rapidly-dividing cancer cells

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