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Know Your Fibers: Wovens vs Nonwovens Knit Fabrics

Know Your Fibers: Wovens vs Nonwovens and Knit Fabrics Posted on January 25 2017 The goal of our Know Your Fibers series is to provide info about different types of fibers for our readers In this post we'll TongWei a look at how nonwovens compare to woven and knit fabrics Just by using the word nonwoven you know a nonwoven fabric is not a woven fabric It is also not a knit fabric

From Melt to Yarn Fibers and Nonwovens

"'From Melt to Yarn Fibers and Nonwovens' is our maxim" continues Wissenberg "Currently we are the world's only manufacturer that has the know-how and the capacities to offer complex manmade fiber spinning systems for polyester nylon and polypropylene from a single source" Something that all visitors to the 650-m trade fair stand will be able to convince themselves of

Performance Fibers

DuPont has been the world leader in polymer and textile science since the early 1900s and has continued a legacy of innovation in performance fibers Manufacturers mills and designers look for fibers to protect people and machinery provide stronger and lighter weight reinforcements and design with high performing eco-friendly materials


various nonwovens products increase the demand for top quality machines from AUTEFA Solutions All process steps base on well-known and worldwide approved technologies Besides the complete equipment AUTEFA Solutions scope of supply comprises comprehensive engineering services including start-up and production support as well as guarantees for quality and capacity The main

Nonwovens and Textiles

Trtzschler Nonwovens is a division of Trtzschler Nonwovens Man-Made Fibers and resulted from the amalgamation of the long-established companies Fleissner Erko and Bastian The company provides manufacturers from all over the world with solutions for the entire nonwoven process chain from bale opening to fiber blending web formation bonding finishing and winding and for man-made

Nonwoven fabric composite materials

We can process fine medium and coarse fibers homogeneous blends: polyester polypropylene rayon nylon meta-aramids acrylics e-glass and high performance specialty fibers such as polyimide (P84) PPS Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) flame-retardant and PTFE We have the flexibility to run large or small lots Our two high-speed integrated needlepunch lines provide cost effective high volume

BASF: TPU as the basis for fabrics nonwovens yarns and

The fibers are also variable in colors and textures and are also easy-care and sustainable Also on show is an engine encapsulation with natural fibers from a cooperation with partner Greiner Perfoam Enns/Austria and a lightweight automotive roof frame from a cooperation with IAC Group Luxemburg Further exhibits include glass nonwovens

Marc Wolpers

Sehen Sie sich das Profil von Marc Wolpers auf LinkedIn an dem weltweit grten beruflichen Netzwerk 1 Job ist im Profil von Marc Wolpers aufgelistet Sehen Sie sich auf LinkedIn das vollstndige Profil an Erfahren Sie mehr ber die Kontakte von Marc Wolpers und ber Jobs bei hnlichen Unternehmen


Nonwovens Exceptional softness for a wide range of nonwovens applications Whether producing medical drapes and apparel wipes or absorbent cores our products provide low-fiber nits and increased uniformity for a superior softness that consumers prefer Our innovations provide a convenient hygienic solution to fit most nonwovens processes

Fibers in Nonwovens

Fibers in Nonwovens Suppliers to the nonwovens industry continue to develop technologically advanced fibers that address consumer needs Tara Olivo Associate Editor Nonwovens Industry May 31 2017 Fiber developers and manufacturers continue to refine their offerings in response to consumer demands One example of this is creating softer more absorbent products for applications in the

Journal of Engineered Fibers and Fabrics

Executive Director The Nonwovens Institute Physical Address: College of Textiles North Carolina State University 2401 Research Drive Raleigh NC 27695-8301 ISSN 1558-9250 IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT INDA Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry is pleased to announce that the Journal of Engineered Fibers and Fabrics (JEFF) has been acquired by SAGE Publishing To


Korea Manufacturers of solid and hollow regular and conjugated dull semi-dull and super bright staple fibers for yarn spinning stuffing and nonwovens production applications from and regenerated polyester Also nano-silver containing functional fibers Detailed fiber catalogs including technical information Multi-lingual site

Nonwoven fabric

Nonwovens Fibers VINNAPAS dispersions for consumer nonwovens are highly versatile products They provide nonwovens with outstanding properties such as excellent wet and dry strength a pleasant hand feel dimensional stability and optional absorbency or solvent resistance – delivering just the results you want in a wide range of applications


Innovatec was established in the North Rhine-Westphalian city of Troisdorf in 1995 The company immediately invested in one of Europe's most modern melt blown units The product portfolio has since been expanded to include high-tech materials for the medical and food sectors Products produced in Troisdorf include liquid absorbents for the food industry elastic nonwovens and filter


Besides spun fibers and woven textiles nonwovens are composed of fibers that have been entangled together by thermal chemical or mechanical means Recently electrospinning (ES) has become a popular method to produce nonwoven webs of nanofibers due the low equipment costs and ease of use Owing to their high surface area to volume ratio these nanofiber webs have been designed for use in


The length of fibers used as raw material of wet laid nonwovens is no more than 10mm Only the special ones would add some fibers with the length of more than 10mm While the dry laid nonwovens are different the fibers used in dry laid nonwovens are always longer than 38mm only the special ones would add 20mm fibers The raw materials we used for wet laid nonwoven production include short

Bicomponent fiber

A bicomponent fiber is made of two materials utilizing desired properties of each material Such fibers can be created by extrusion spinning One or both materials may remain in the finished product or one material may be dissolved leaving only one material remaining


In this study we describe a "cure blowing" process that addresses these limitations by producing cross-linked fibers at room temperature with little or no solvent using a lab-scale spinning die resembling those used for commercial melt blowing an approach that currently produces 10% of global nonwovens Specifically a photocurable liquid mixture of thiol and acrylate monomers was

Nonwovens Technology

man-made fibers or other fibers of non vegetable origin with a length to diameter ratio equals or superior to 300 or a minimum of 30% of man-made fibers with a length to diameter ratio equals or superior to 600 and a maximum apparent density of 0 40 g/cm Composite structures are considered nonwovens provided their mass is

Global Nonwovens International

Global Nonwovens International is a modern innovative company founded on over 25 years of nonwoven knowledge and expertise By partnering with the leading nonwoven producers world-wide GNI is able to offer the widest portfolio of nonwoven roll goods and finished products With a strong customer focus GNI is positioned to provide

Typar Spunbond Polypropylene Nonwoven Fabrics

Continuous fibers add strength as there are no short staple fibers that could separate from the fabric Oriented laydown The Typar technology utilizes oscillating diffusers to deposit fibers at laydown This process allows for extreme uniformity and strength in both the machine and cross-machine directions

ZONE Enterprises

Nonwovens Fibers Acoustic (NVH) Non-Wovens Fibers Zone Enterprises offers a wide selection of 3M Thinsulate and non-woven acoustical products These materials are engineered to provide high performance acoustic absorption are light weight and offer a cost competitive solution to other noise reducing materials Numerous material weights are available to solve the broad spectrum of sound

Waldemar Spyrka

Trtzschler Nonwovens Manmade Fibers Juni 2006 – Heute 14 Jahre 1 Monat Ausbildung Technikerschule Heinrich Kleyer Schule Staatlich geprfter Maschinenbautechniker Allgemeiner Maschinenbau Sehen Sie sich Waldemar Spyrkas vollstndiges Profil an um nachzusehen welche gemeinsamen Kontakte Sie haben sich vorstellen zu lassen Waldemar Spyrka direkt kontaktieren

Performance meets Sustainability

Performance meets Sustainability Binders and additives for advanced nonwovens Contents 4 Sustainable development 6 Automotive industry 8 Furniture industry 10 Construction industry 12 Brands at a glance 14 Classi˜cation of brands 16 Production sites worldwide 20 Glass ˜bers 22 Cellulose ˜bers 24 Natural ˜bers 26 Synthetic ˜bers 28 Formulation additives Creating chemistry for innovative

Sustainable Fibers for Nonwovens Webinar

Sustainable Fibers for Nonwovens Webinar Webinar Wednesday June 10 2020 to Wednesday June 10 2020 Register Now Overview D escription There has been a push for sustainability in the textile and nonwovens industries over the past several years We will discuss some of the recent advances both in making fibers more sustainable and fibers from novel sources that can be used for nonwovens

Nonwoven Composites

Multilayer Nonwovens Advantages Introducing new multilayer nonwovens Fiberweb can quickly introduce new products into the market through its smaller scale production capabilities that allow short production runs at narrow widths This provides a scale-up path for composite structures for next generation nonwovens The line is also capable of producing unique spunbond and SMS materials

Trtzschler Nonwovens

Intelligent individuell nachhaltig: Trtzschler zeigt neue Lsungen fr Spinnereivorbereitung Nonwovens Man-Made Fibers auf der ITMA Barcelona 2019 Weg in die Zukunft: Das neue Nonwovens Kunden- und Technologiezentrum der Trtzschler-Gruppe Trtzschler bringt nachhaltige Vliesstoffe nach vorn Faservorbereitung Die ersten Prozessschritte legen die Grundlage fr die Qualitt

Global Nonwovens International

Global Nonwovens International is a modern innovative company founded on over 25 years of nonwoven knowledge and expertise By partnering with the leading nonwoven producers world-wide GNI is able to offer the widest portfolio of nonwoven roll goods and finished products With a strong customer focus GNI is positioned to provide

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