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Electro-Caps are an EEG electrode application technique They are made of an elastic spandex-type fabric with recessed pure tin electrodes attached to the fabric The electrodes on the standard caps are positioned to the International 10-20 method of electrode placement The medium Electro-Cap will fit approximately 65% of all patients over the age of 5 The small cap will fit primarily

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In conventional scalp EEG the recording is obtained by applying electrodes to the scalp using a conductive gel or paste usually after preparing the scalp area by light abrasion to reduce electrode-scalp impedance Many systems typically use electrodes which are each attached to an individual wire Some systems use caps in which electrodes are embedded This latter method is particularly

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Video: EEG Electrode Cap BIOPAC BIOPAC Systems Inc Electrodes for EEG Neurofeedback and General Die EEG Scheiben Elektroden werden mit unserem ExG Sensor hauptschlich fr EEG/Neurofeedback-Anwendungen verwendet Electroencephalogram (EEG) electrodes are placed around the head region in order to gather electrical impulses from the brain and direct these to a type

WaveGuard TM EEG cap Update

TM EEG cap Update The latest updates of WaveGuard caps have resulted in further improvements of: • Excellent signal quality • Superb wearing comfort • Ease of application • Highly durable materials Size-matching Color Schemes With WaveGuard you are able to select an appropriate cap for your experiment in a glimpse of an eye Four distinctive colors were used in different combinations

Electrical Geodesics Inc

EGI is a medical device company that designs develops and commercialises a range of non-invasive neurodiagnostic products used to monitor and interpret brain activity A key component of these products is EGI's proprietary dense array electroencephalography (dEEG) platform technology The dense array method gathers brain activity data from many more electrodes than conventional EEG products

Multi Cap MultiCap EEG Cap EEG Base Cap

MULTI CAPS offer excellent qualities for equipment quality and material but a additional special feature - the unobstructed access to the electrode-positions after the final cap placing Through gaps in the textile material all electrode positions can be reach easily to maximize the electrode-impedance or other things

Greentek Neonate Infant EEG Recording Caps from China

Specifications Greentek Infant EEG caps are similar to the regular EEG Caps the cap itself is made of soft stretchy material and has electrodes sewn into it the electrodes are positioned to the International standard 10-20 electrode placement these caps will fit premature infants to children and and comes in the following sizes:

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These systems represent the highest-grade EEG devices currently available and a price tag inevitably comes with this Again the aims of your research or work may or may not require such a system – if you are unsure it is always recommended to speak with colleagues in the field other experts or the manufacturers themselves in order to get the full picture about what exactly their systems

SmartCap Technologies

Unlike camera based systems Life is non-invasive and uses EEG (brainwaves) technology to monitor your workforce's fatigue Life measures an operator's ability to resist sleep and provides alerts as they progress to a place of risk Real Time Fatigue Alerts Life measures an operators progression towards microsleeps in real-time to prevent microsleeps Effective Results Our cloud hosted

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Electro-Cap Systems execpt Infant Systems provide everthing needed to incorporate caps into your lab They are available in 3 sizes to allow greater flexibility for first time purchases Cap sizes can be substituted within the system if we are notified when your order is placed Systems are also available with caps specially designed to be used with commercial topographical EEG units


v EEG - ElectroEncephaloGraphy Scalp/Subdermal Needles Cup Electrodes v Head Cap systems Waveguard CAP ELECTRO-CAP (ECI) Cephalon VarioCap MultiCap Disposable Head-Cap BrainNet Accessories for caps Special Neonatal - ICU ECG Electrodes Ear Electrodes EOG electrodes Gels and Paste Bags Sleep studies Trolley Carts

Dry EEG Headsets

The Dry Sensor Interface (DSI) series integrates QUASAR's revolutionary dry electrode technology that acquires clean EEG signals without the need for skin preparation or gels and without compromising on signal quality The DSI EEG signals are comparable to those obtained from wet electrode systems and are resistant to electrical and motion artifacts

WaveGuard EEG cap

WaveGuard EEG cap The WaveGuard EEG Cap is the latest and most advanced cap available at this moment The caps are available in different confi gurations (standard EEG as well as TMS MEG and fMRI compatible) and electrode layouts Specialized high-density caps as well as a clinical montage (i e routine EEG) makes the WaveGuard cap the ideal choice for your application The cap is very light

Ballistocardiogram artifact removal with a reference layer

Without hardware modifications the electrode pair based BRL (Chowdhury et al 2013) cannot be directly used on standard EEG caps and the EEG systems that use thick electrodes These restrictions were removed in the standard EEG cap based BRL method ( Xia et al 2013 ) but the additional model-building and reference layer production procedures reduce the efficiency of EEG-fMRI experiments

ECI Electrode Gel E11 for EEG Cap Systems

ECI Electrode Gel E11 ECI Electrolyte gel is optimal for the recording with different cap systems UP = 3780 g Phone: (+49) 521 - 89 49 55 39 E-mail: verkaufternimed de Contact us My Account (0) EEG EEG Caps EMG | EP IOM accessories Sleep Lab Nasal cannulas Electrodes Cables Pastes | Gels Consumables useful information ECI Electrode Gel E11 for EEG Cap Systems Product no


The EEG Cap Adapter is required when using the NeXus EEG Cap for the NeXus-32 The 22 unipolar cables/channels (21 + 1 ground) of the adaptor are labeled/numbered and connect to the NeXus-32 You will only have to attach the cables to the cap prior to the first use of the cap because the cables stay in place The adapter very easily connects to the EEG Cap which significantly reduces

Dry EEG Technology

CGX Dry Electrode Systems are the result of a decade of research in part sponsored by the Department of Defense NASA and the National Institute of Health Our patented and patent-pending technologies utilize an optimized combination of electronics mechanics and materials to achieve a dry electrode EEG system that delivers on the promise of quick clean and no-fuss signal quality Compared

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However simultaneous EEG and fMRI recording in rodents has been limited to only a few electrodes due mainly to two technical reasons i e a small available scalp area and the proximity of the electrodes to the brain tissue In this paper we introduce both a new EEG mini-cap and a protocol to obtain whole scalp EEG recordings simultaneously


portability and reliability are the hallmarks of Deymed systems EEG Recording Caps FlexiCAP for Adult / Child Electrodes placed according to the standard 10-20 and also contain the reference and ground electrode All wires on outside of cap Infant FlexiCAP with 9 el includes F1 F2 C3 C4 O1 O2 T3 T4 Cz + PG REF FlexiCAP Pro for TMS Removable electrodes with low profile and

Natus NeuroWorks EEG Software

The Natus NeuroWorks platform simplifies the process of collecting monitoring and managing data for routine EEG testing ambulatory EEG long-term monitoring ICU monitoring and research studies NeuroWorks systems are scalable to meet the needs of private practice clinics hospitals and large teaching facilities Natus NeuroWorks is a cutting-edge single solution for EEG LTM ICU Sleep


NEUROWERK EEG systems are easy to use intuitive and offer the benefit of efficiency In addition to Full HD and long-term EEG monitoring NEUROWERK EEG is also perfect for routine EEG testing Photic Stimulator F40 The perfect addition to your NEUROWERK EEG system Photic stimulation provides important information to diagnose neurological diseases such as Epilepsy With the


Electroencephalography (EEG) is an electrophysiological monitoring method to record electrical activity of the brain It is typically noninvasive with the electrodes placed along the scalp although invasive electrodes are sometimes used as in electrocorticography EEG measures voltage fluctuations resulting from ionic current within the neurons of the brain

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